Tormek SVD-186 R GOUGE JIG


Use the SVD-186-R for sharpening woodturning gouges (bowl, spindle and fingernail) to a razor like edge. The Tormek SVD-186-R will handle most carving gouges up to 36mm wide, carving vee tools and multi-tip scraper blades with mounting holes from 5mm to 8mm diameter.

The SVD-186-R and Tormek wetstone machine combination offers three crucial benefits. The jig gives you full control over bevel angle, length and shape. The jig gives you exact repeatability every time you sharpen your tool. The water-cooled wheel results in a superior edge, which lasts longer and leaves a finer finish.

A curved clamping disc ensures correct seating of your tool in the tool holder. The jig settings have positive locking points making setup fast and accurate.

Small spindle gouges are quick and easy to insert with no fiddly washers to add or remove. The jig enables you to grind a bowl gouge with a swept-back bevel. An additional locking allows you to fix the Gouge Jig’s rotary movement at the required location.

This feature, gives you full control when sharpening carving tools, such as V-tools. The SVD-186-R fits all Tormek machines.

Key Features

  • Sharpen woodturning tools and carving gouges
  • Offers full control over bevel angle and shape
  • Exact repeatability, every time, superior, longer lasting edges
  • Takes carving gouges up to 36mm wide
  • Rotation stop for sharpening carving V-tools

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