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18" Multi Bit Lathe Chisel Set with 4 Carbide Cutters  (Ref: 20445001)




The carbide bits are guaranteed to last 20 times longer than high speed steel and will help you produce an incredibly smooth finish that barely needs any sanding. The flat surface on the tool handle blade lets you easily slide over the tool rest for straight and level cuts. If you'd rather use the chisel at an angle, simply rotate the bit in the holder so the base of the blade is round. Features a long handle for turning comfort. Overall length is 18 in., Blade is 6 in. Use the 2 in. Radius bit to rough and remove wood and round spindle. The radius bit is capable of forming large curves on handles ideal for pen barrels. Use the 3/8 in. Square bit to rough a straight work piece to round. The square bit leaves work piece perfectly straight. Use the 3/8 in. Round bit to turn a profile on a work piece. The 3/8 in. Round bit works well to shape handles with curves and to hollow bowls or cut coves and other rounded shapes. Use the detail diamond bit to carve coves and beads for intricate decorative spindle work. Also use the detail diamond bit to cut tenons and as a parting tool.

24.96 29.95


Set 4 Spare Cutters for 18" Multibit Lathe Chisel Set  (Ref: 20445001S)

Set 4 Spare Cutters for 18

12.00 14.40


Set of 6 Quality HSS Wood Turning Chisels  (Ref: SCT20026S01)

Set of 6 Quality HSS Wood Turning Chisels

6pcs high quality Hss turning tool set
Hardened blades with brass ferrules.Primary color Ash handles. Packed in wooden storage box.
Hardness: 58-62HRC

• Bowl Gouge with 12.7mm (1/2")x230 mm blade,handle length 340mm;
• Roughing Gouge with 25mm(1")x170mm blade,handle length 300mm;
• Oval Skew with 28mm x170mm blade,handle length 300mm;
• Parting Tool with 5mm (3/16")x170mm blade,handle length 255mm;
• Round Nose Scraper with 3/4"x170 mm blade,handle Length: 255mm;
• Spindle Gouge with 10mm (3/8")x170mm blade,handle Length: 255mm


60.00 72.00


NEW ! - Tormek T-4 Water Cooled Sharpening System with NVR Switch  (Ref: 507158X)

NEW ! - Tormek T-4 Water Cooled Sharpening System with NVR Switch

Key Features

Compact, high quality sharpening system
NVR switch, providing safety in the event of an interruption of power
200mm (8") diameter stone
Stainless steel shaft
Sharpen your plane irons and chisels with a perfectly square edge
Ideal for sharpening hand tools, knives, scissors, woodturning and woodcarving tools
SP-650 Stone Grader and AngleMaster included
Compatible with a huge range of Tormek jigs
Strengthened housing for improved sharpening results
Solid zinc, precision machined top incorporating the handle
7 year warranty

The Tormek T-4 incorporates new, innovative, patent pending features. Firstly, the zinc cast top incorporates the key components of the main shaft, Universal Support and motor assembly resulting in superb accuracy as standard.

Secondly, the Universal Support is held in two sleeves in the zinc cast top, meaning that the improved locking design and tighter tolerances will give even better results. Both designs give improved accuracy and precision for easy sharpening on the new Tormek T-4.

The T-4 model is the latest incarnation in a long line of Tormek water-cooled grinding systems. In common with its larger sibling, the T-7, it is ideal for sharpening cabinetmaking hand tools, knives, scissors and woodcarving and turning tools.

It comes supplied with two useful accessories, the first of which is the SP-650 Stone Grader that can be used to keep the stone cutting efficiently as well as changing the surface from a (220g) coarse cut to (1,000g) fine. The equivalent of 6,000g can be achieved on the leather wheel. The second is the AngleMaster, an adjustable device used to set the correct angle for grinding plane and chisel blades. Magnets on the reverse side of the AngleMaster mean that it is easy to store it conveniently on the steel machine plate.

This is the first machine for some time to be supplied without a jig, so for instant sharpening, a jig of choice needs to be purchased from the many available, all of which will fit the Tormek T-4.Also supplied is the unique Tormek Handbook, where all the information that is required to shape, sharpen and hone your tools to perfection can be found. The T-4 uses a powerful, industrial AC motor and the shaft supporting the wheels is made from corrosion resistant stainless steel.

The 200mm(8") diameter stone has the Tormek EzyLock mounting system for fast stone changes without a spanner. Supplied with the SP-650 Stone Grader, unique Tormek Handbook and DVD together with Tormek’s 7 year warranty

Specification for Tormek T-4 Water Cooled Sharpening System with NVR Switch:
Model T-4
Nett Weight 7.4kg
Overall L x W x H 230 x 200 x 260mm
Power 120W
Wheel Diameter 200mm(8")
Wheel Width 40mm(1.5/8")

252.82 303.38


Tormek SVD-110 Toolrest  (Ref: 910083X)

Tormek SVD-110 Toolrest

10 % OFF

A universal toolrest that is easy to adjust and stays just where you set it. The wide plate is just the job for the sharpening of turning scrapers, carving scorps, inshaves, screwdrivers and re-truing of cabinet scrapers.

This Tool Rest is ideal for the grinding of turning scrapers and special tools for woodcarving, e.g. large scorps and inshaves. Also for cabinet scrapers and hollowing tools.

It has a generous surface, 90×110 mm (3½"×4¼"), which permits a safe and steady positioning of the tool towards the stone.

The bore is made with a special wedge shape, which increases the locking force by 250 %. You can lock the Tool Rest instantly at the chosen angle. This unique design is patented by Tormek.

19.26 23.11


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