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Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers 4pk  (Ref: TS989466)

Bench Cookie Work Grippers 4pk

Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers 4pk
High-friction rubber surfaces and durable core provide a solid grip, preventing projects from slipping while routing, sanding, carving and more. They support the workpiece without leaving marks and raise panels for edge work and finishing. Each cookie is 3" x 1". Team up with Bench Dog Cookie Cones (143546) for a fail-safe project finishing system.

8.42 10.10


Bench Cookie™ Cones 4pk  (Ref: TS143546)

Bench Cookie Cones 4pk

Fail-safe project finishing system that holds your project off the workbench with minimal surface contact, ensuring continued stability throughout the entire finishing process. Allows finishing of both sides of the workpiece without slipping or sliding and protects Bench Cookie™ Work Gripper pads from paint and other finishing products. Custom-sized to fit the Bench Dog Bench Cookie Work™ Grippers (989466)

3.40 4.08


Bench Cookie™ Rack  (Ref: TS994057)

Bench Cookie Rack

Bench Cookie™ Rack
Sturdy steel rack that can be mounted directly to a wall. Keeps Bench Cookies™ safely stored for future use. L x W x H: 267 x 88 x 60mm.

5.94 7.13


Feather-Loc  (Ref: TS693975)


Protects hands and helps prevent kickback, binding and bent blades. Use on table saws to keep long stock tight against the rip fence, or attach to fence to prevent workpiece from lifting during cutting. Features integral fittings for T-slots and includes Mitre Slot Adaptor for tables and fences with standard 3/8" x 3/4" slots. Built-in set-up feather provides easy tension setting.

7.11 8.53


Pro-Cut™ Portable Saw Guide  (Ref: TS938619)

Pro-Cut Portable Saw Guide

Pro-Cut™ Portable Saw Guide
Helps achieve perfect 90° circular saw cuts. Built-in guides square Pro-Cut to the workpiece while 2 rubber strips prevent side-to-side movement. Instantly aligns saw to the cut line whilst reducing dangerous kickback, binding and bent blades. Ideal for cutting timber, wood cladding, I-beams, trim, stair treads etc. 6" hook rule and 45°/90° layout square. Fits all 210mm (8-1/4") and smaller right-blade circular saws.

9.97 11.96


TSCrown-Cut™ Crown Moulding Cutting Jig  (Ref: 633345)

TSCrown-Cut Crown Moulding Cutting Jig

Crown-Cut™ Crown Moulding Cutting Jig

Portable jig eliminates the complication of cutting crown and cove moulding, giving perfect mitres every time. Holds the moulding at its intended angle during cutting, resulting in an accurate, clean cut. Fits all 10" and larger mitre saws, regular or sliding. Adjustable fence risers fit crown and cove moulding up to 6" wide.

12.75 15.30


Universal Fence Clamps  (Ref: TS316097)

Universal Fence Clamps

Compact, lightweight clamps for securing auxiliary fences to existing fences without interfering with the workpiece. Clamps can be used individually as stop blocks or in pairs for sacrificial fences, half-fences, resaw fences and a variety of other fixtures. Rigid aluminium with steel threaded components.

12.36 14.83


Lettering Sign Kit 43pce  (Ref: TS256362)

Lettering Sign Kit 43pce

Lettering Sign Kit 43pce
Lettering templates interlock to form a stable pattern for routing signs. 2 1/4" Comic Sans font style. Includes A, A, B, C, D, E, E, F, G, H, I, I, J, K, L, L, M, M, N, N, O, O, P, P, Q, R, R, S, S, T, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, ? and three spacers.

28.57 34.28


Numbering Sign Kit 31pce  (Ref: TS237890)

Numbering Sign Kit 31pce

Numbering templates interlock to form a stable pattern for routing signs. 3" Comic Sans font style. Includes 2 each of numerals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0. Also includes: ., , ?, !, /, #, @, & and $ symbols.

28.57 34.28


Woodworking Tools >  Bench Dog Woodworking Accessories

Bench Dog Woodworking Accessories
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