Set of 3 Japenese Saws

Key Features:

-Easily replaceable blades
-250mm long blade for effortless ripping of long boards

As well as having all the usual benefits of Japanese saws, the Hassunme saws also feature replaceable blades. Changing the blades could not be easier; gently tap the back of blade on a block of wood until the blade loosens, remove the old blade, insert a new one into the holder and tap the back of the holder on the block to seat the blade. The rip cut saw has a 0.5mm thick blade, 250mm long for effortless ripping of long boards.

2. Japanese Dozuki-Me Saw – 240mm

Key Features:

-For extremely precise and accurate cuts
-Blade supported by a steel spine
-26tpi, 240mm blades

For extremely precise and accurate cuts. The blade is supported along its back by a steel spine. Also available, in addition to a standard replacement blade, is a wide blade for deeper cuts. Both blades have 26tpi, are 240mm long and 0.3mm thick.

3. Japanese Hassunme Crosscut Saw – 250mm

Key Features:

-Tooth form leaves incredible finish on end grain
-Replaceable 0.5mm thick and 250mm long blade

The tooth form of this crosscut saw leaves the most incredible finish on end grain, almost like a planed surface. Featuring a replaceable blade 0.5mm thick and 250mm long, this saw will produce cuts to be proud of. N.B. The blades are interchangeable between Hassunme saws.


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Set of 3 Japenese Saws