Sandi Pad Jumbo High Profile Pad

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Sandi Pad 120mm Jumbo High Profile Pad

Due to demand we have introduced this jumbo 120mm version of our ever popular high profile Sandi Pad. After extensive testing we decided to upgrade the regular 6mm mandrel to our unique 8mm version which provides additional surface area for your chuck to grip and also the extra strength to combat torsional and lateral forces encountered during use. People who regularly turn platters and large shallow bowls will find the New Sandi pad Jumbo indispensable.

Sandi Pad Jumbo high profile pad is of a soft/medium density allowing it to follow the tighter contours of your work piece without the use of an interface pad, they also feature a very high quality hook attachment material that will not let go of your abrasives mid-use unlike cheaper products available on the market.

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