Miller Large Dowels 2X – Oak (Pkt 40)

Key Features:

-Kits available in three sizes
-Mini c/w 100 dowels
-Standard c/w 40 dowels
-Large c/w 50 dowels
-Birch Dowels
-Ribs along length allow glue to adhere to material and dowel
-Drill bit supplied in initial starter pack

Mini Kit (6.5 diam. x 41.5) for timber 12 – 14mm thick.Standard Kit ‘1X’ (10.5 diam. x 70mm) for timber 16 – 25mm thick.Large Kit ‘2X’ (12.8 diam. x 90mm) for timber up to 32mm thick.Further packs of dowels are available for each size in Birch, Cherry, Oak or Walnut.The innovative stepped and ribbed form of these dowels (or maybe they should be called wooden nails) keeps the glue where you want it, in the joint, without the problem of compression experienced in ordinary dowel joints. The ribs grip the sides of the stepped pockets as they swell with the glue to lock them in place.The procedure is simple:Clamp or hold together the pieces to be joined.Drill the stepped hole with the Miller TruFit bit for the selected dowel size.Spread a thin layer of glue (Titebond II is recommended) on the ribbed section.Tap the dowel into the hole until fully seated.Trim off and sand level – Miller dowels are self capping – so job done!Please remember – good and accurate surface preparation of the mating surfaces is essential to the strength and neatness of the joint.TOP TIP for an interesting effect, use a Miller Dowel which contrasts with the host timber.


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Miller Large Dowels 2X – Oak (Pkt 40)