Leigh Vaccuum & Router Support for D1600

Key Features:

-Full width router support
-Park the router when not in use
-Vacuum box glides effortlessly under router support beam
-Control arms position vacuum box
-Control arms adjust to any router
-Easy on Easy Off
-Adapt to any hose size
-Powerful rare earth magnets secure router support beam
-No hoses to obstruct view
-No jig modifications necessary
-Models for all Leigh jigs
-All mounting hardware included

Standard Equipment:

-Router Support Beam
-Vacuum chute
-Hose adaptor small
-Hose adaptor large
-Support rails
-Screws and washers
-Hex key
-Finger assembly support brackets where required

Dust free Leigh Jig routing is here!

Dust free Routing for a safer, cleaner workshop.

The revolutionary Leigh VRS Vacuum and Router Support provides almost 100% dust and chip collection, as well as router support over the full width of your jig. A must for all Leigh Dovetail Jig owners, the VRS is available for all Super Jigs, D1600, D4R and all 24″ D-series Jigs.The router is positioned between two control arms attached to the vacuum chute below. The arms are adjustable to suit any size of router base. The vacuum chute glides effortlessly from side to side on nylon rollers and automatically follows the router when routing the joint or when the router is parked off to the other side of the jig. The chute is always in the perfect position to catch the chips being thrown out by the high-speed rotation of the router bit. Chips and sawdust are drawn into the vacuum chute and down through the vacuum hose. Each VRS comes complete with two adaptors to fit all popular vacuum hoses from 1″ to 2.1/2″ in diameter. The VRS can be used with a small shop vacuum or large built in system.

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Leigh Vaccuum & Router Support for D1600