Kreg Precision Beaded Face-Frame System

The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Affordable Way to Build Beaded Face-Frames in a Home Shop
Integrated clamp with quick-release handle and adjustability for variable stock thickness
Control arm provides smoother operation when plunging workpiece into the bit
Sliding base with 20 stainless-steel ball bearings for easy operation
Included router table stop to repeat precise cuts over and over
Beaded face frames are a great way add detail, richness, and value to your cabinetry work. The Precision Beaded Face-Frame System works in conjunction with your full-size router table to serve as the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to build beaded face-frames in a home shop.
Through a process of precise notching of rails and stiles, the Precision Beaded Face-Frame System simplifies standard beaded face-frame construction by eliminating the need to make intricate cuts on a table saw, fit and refit miters, or spend thousands of dollars on a large specialized machine. The end result is higher quality, more consistent results, in less time and with less effort than before.
How It Works:
Use the control arm and smooth-sliding base to plunge the stiles into the specialized notching bit.
Use the Precision Router Stop to ensure perfectly placed notches on the rails.
Switch to your standard routing fence and specialized beading bit to apply a decorative bead.
Use Kreg Joinery to secure the notched stiles and rails together. Glue is optional.
Integrated Clamp
This heavy-duty clamp holds your workpieces firmly in place. It features a quick-release handle and adjustability for variable material thicknesses.
Control Arm
The handle can be connected to the Precision Beaded Face-Frame System with or without the Control Arm. The arm provides improved control, smooth operation, and reduces the force necessary to plunge the workpiece into the bit.
Sliding Base
The sliding base of the Precision Beaded Face-Frame System features 20 internal stainless-steel ball bearings that guarantee smooth operation.
Router Table Stop
The included Precision Router Table Stop lets you repeat precise cuts again and again. It features a Precision Lens Cursor for magnified accuracy, and it can be flipped out of the way when not in use.
For Use with Kreg® Precision Router Table
Additional Accessories Beading bits and notching bits are available separately for use on a variety of projects.
Includes 1/4” x 11/2” (6mm x 38mm) notching bit, 1/4” (6mm) standard beading bit, 1/4” (6mm) precision setup bar, and everything else you need to get started.


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Kreg Precision Beaded Face-Frame System