Japanese Umeki Nomi Dovetail Chisel – 12mm

Key Features:

-Used to clean sharp corners when cutting fine joints
-Almost triangular cross-section
-Perfect profile for dovetail work
-Classic tang and ferrule
-White Paper steel #2 laminated to wrought iron backing
-White oak handles with iron hoop for use with hammer
-Edge hardened to over HRC 65

Used mainly to clean up sharp corners when cutting fine joints. The Umeki Nomi is also known as the Japanese dovetail chisel which describes its usage perfectly. The bevels along the sides rise steeply almost from the edges to a point in the centre, giving the chisel an almost triangular cross section, the perfect profile for dovetail work. Made with the classic tang and ferrule, the edge steel used is White Paper #2 hardened to over HRC 65. The white oak handles are fitted with an iron hoop so can be struck with a hammer when extra force is needed, 230mm(9″) long overall.


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Japanese Umeki Nomi Dovetail Chisel – 12mm