FISCH Black Shark Forstner Cutters


  • Drill splinter-free holes in hardwood and softwood
  • 10 times faster than conventional forstner bits in hardwood
  • Wave edge design gives 25% increase in performance
  • Drilling requires less effort, produces superior results
  • Large chip-free zones ensure perfect chip discharge
  • For tear-free accurate flat bottomed holes every time
  • Flats on shank for secure grip in drill chuck
  • Forged from one piece of high quality tool steel for extra strength
  • Working length 60mm, overall length 88mm
  • 15, 20, 25 and 30mm: shank 8 mm
  • 35 and 40mm; shank 10mm
  • Made in Austria, Europe
  • In Detail

    Forged in Austria, these Forstner bits produce smooth, splinter-free holes in hardwoods and softwoods. What makes the real difference is that they drill faster and require less effort than any comparable bit. They work 10 times faster than conventional forstner bits in hardwood. Forged from one piece of high quality tool steel for extra strength, the reason behind the increased performance is the FISCH Wave Cutter technology. This unique design significantly reduces friction at the cutting rim.

    FISCH claim a 25% increase in improved drilling performance and improved chip removal. These bits will give you tear-free, accurate, flat bottomed, blind holes with perfectly smooth sides every time. The shanks of the bits have three flats for a better than ever secure grip in a drill chuck.

    The Black Shark Forstner cutter bits feature a serrated edge which was modelled on sharkskin. This means that considerably less heat is generated. Thanks to the patented serrated edge, there’s increased stability when the drilling direction is changed. Furthermore, the optimised cutting edges mean you can drill at high speeds. Made in Europe.

    Working length 60mm, overall length 88mm.
    15, 20, 25 and 30mm options: shank 8 mm.
    35 and 40mm options: shank 10mm.


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