Dalmann Roy Bouffler Sculptors Mallet

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Roy Bouffler Sculptors Mallet

The Roy Bouffler mallet is a unique and exquisite hand turned piece, it has been custom designed and manufactured to the specification of Roy Bouffler who is a very well respected UK wood sculptor specialising in tree art. Roy was very specific in what he expected from this mallet and the result is superb.

The mallet is designed for large sculpting work so is produced from a solid piece of Leadwood which provides weight and density allowing firm decisive blows to be made. The mallet is also shorter than most commercially available mallets, this prevents the mallet from being top heavy and thus reduces fatigue and is much gentler on the wrist allowing for prolonged periods of use.

During development the mallet was put through heavy and sustained use to asses its performance and durability, these trials showed almost no wear to the striking face which leads us to believe these mallets will last a life time. It was also established that the Leadwood mallet is excellent at absorbing the shock and vibration produced during striking which also greatly reduces fatigue.


Roy Bouffler Mallet Dimensions:
Head Diameter 80mm
Head Length 105mm
Handle Length 130mm
Overall Length 235mm
Average Weight: 750g

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