Bester Imanishi Waterstone 8,000g

Key Features
Dimensions 205 mm x 75 mm x 25 mm
Manufactured by Imanishi in Kyoto
Moderately strong bond with fast cutting rate
Sharpens O1, A2 and M2 steels at a rapid rate
A fine stone just requires a quick spray with water
Leaves a mirror-like surface
For final fine honing the 8,000 grit stone leaves a mirror-like polished surface. This is the ultimate stone for those wanting the very sharpest edge. Overall dimensions are 205mm x 75mm x 25mm. This fine stone has a resin bond and needs just a quick spray with water before use.
BESTER waterstones, manufactured by Imanishi in Kyoto, Japan have almost become the standard with Japanese professional woodworkers. They feature a moderately strong bond that allows abrasive particles to release quickly, maintaining a fast cutting rate, yet resist wear better. These stones behave similarly to a natural stone, the feedback tells you how fast it is cutting. Tests have shown they abrade O1, A2 and M2 steels at a rapid rate and remain flat just as long as slower cutting stones with stronger bonds.


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Bester Imanishi Waterstone 8,000g