150mm Convolute Honing Wheel

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150mm Convolute Honing Wheel
Convolute wheels are commonly used in the aerospace industry to polish turbine blades to high tolerances. Excellent for removing grind marks and putting a polished edge on cutting tools. Our convolute wheel is constructed by wrapping non-woven nylon, impregnated throughout with abrasive grain, around a hard core. Each layer is bonded together with an adhesive to form a homogenous wheel. Wheel can be used on most 150mm (6”) bench grinders and other similar machines.
• Dense non-woven structure.
• Long lasting, high edge durability, non-dusting.
• Smear resistant formula.
• Wheel conforms to work piece for reduced undercutting and gouging.
• Provides best durability, stock removal and finest finish.
• Low heat generation.
• Fast cutting.
• Suitable for use on all steel types.
• Wheel dimensions: 150mm x 25mm
• Bore: 25mm (Bush reducing set available)
• Made in Italy

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